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Got up and lit the propane stove.
Started the wood burning stove.
Went down to the trailer and made a pot of coffee.
Checked on face book and emails.
Got dressed.
Filtered last 3 gallons of water.
Gathered up rough cut materials for the new porch floor and roof.
Cleaned up the salvaged rough cut wood and started installation onto the porch sub floor.
Went up the hill into the forest and cut down the uprights and railing for the porch.
Also found some previously cut down trees, was not punky so I cut up a few rounds to burn.
Hauled all of the trees and rounds down to the porch area.
Had  a problem with power, breaker kept blowing so isolated it to an extension cord.
Loaded car with 25 gallon water bottles.
Went to out neighbors well and filled up water bottles. Water catch still not up to par and storage not quite there yet.
Got back home and went over to old house on property and continued tear down to salvage lumber.
Helped with dinner and ate dinner.
Collected kindling,water for animals and made more coffee.
Grabbed one of the rounds from earlier today and slit it up for tonight and tomorrow morning fire.

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