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*intro music Wranglerstar plowing snow with his tractor * * more intro music Wranglerstar still plowing snow with his tractor * so welcome back everyone it is a Sunday morning january first the first day of 2017 first day of the new year we got about 30 degrees outside i got about eight inches six to eight inches of fresh snow last night it's always nice to wake

up to that kind of fresh is everything up but there's a little bit more to plow so today is kind of a lazy day mrs.W's got a bit of a cold so she's gonna stay inside and I just a great opportunity for me to just to tie up a bunch of loose ends and just kind of a day of chores around the homestead so today's video is not going to be on

any particular topic it' s just going to be kind of just a day-in-the-life so let's just get started you guys pull up a chair if you don't have one already get yourself a nice cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and come on we'll just hang out today first on the list we're going to replace the filter on the diesel tank this is a think it's about a 60-gallon diesel tank or so and

i put this in the water separating filter and if you look on the bottom here gotta got a little valve there of course you know water and oil and have different you know what the diesels floats up to the top of the water goes on the bottom so it's a water trap catches at the bottom because you know these new engines you just don't want to they were you really have to

have clean diesel in them they burned really efficiently and their little tighter tolerances on everything and there's a little water in there this diesel take was given to me by a friend years ago and it was used so you never know what's in there so you don't want whatever goobers and cronies are in there to get into your into your engine so I don't have a filter in here now because I took it

out to take with me to match it up at napa so right i did find the brand new one *diesel Running out of filter housing and into the pitcher* just put that right back in there and run it through the filter again look at that we got see that's not what check that's why you have filled external filters are you don't want all that stuff in your you tractor tractors got good filtration

itself and also but this is you know it would take care of those things but this is a lot lot easier to deal with this here tractors got its own your filter redundancy built into it but i want you don't want to put dirty fuel in there that to last as long as it possible that looks so good that junk out of there a nice that's better so that you can be reset

this one this filter here you have the option when you buy these this was the original one was a golden rod that's a really much my favorite brand annapolis got their own brand they didn't have the goldenrod one here and that I compared it looks like the same thing this one's nice because it's got a it filters water it won't let water pass through it and it comes with the new gasket that's pretty

that's pretty good let's put that new gasket in there i'd be willing to bet that there's more equipment failures the guy's a you know sell it give it away throw away that things that clip work in small engines begins is because of the dirty fuel that's pretty good replace that is a was getting a little bit hard that's a nice touch there to give us a new gasket like that whatever I I like

to work out of the tool cart i found it to be more efficient enough locking tool box because I don't need not working what I don't have to worry about what tools getting store when you know because I'm not working with other people but this is one of my these little snap on little bit little tools sold know what you call make a little ice pick with a bend on it is

so handy for things like this so rings and such so this new filter should just get right in there so I was saying uh so many equipment failures because of dirty or bad fuel gas that goes bad and they're just thrown away I know guys that make a pretty good a lot of extra income by buying all this machinery small engines chainsaws the things that guys can't get to start just because it

the got bad fuel in it and they clean everything out some of the things a brand-new been used once put away not used for a couple years get all Carper varnished up and it seems to really protect your fuel do whatever it takes to keep it clean *pumping diesel * so one issue i've had with the tractor is that in the one filling it up with fuel it came equipped with this little filter

right here and the problem with it is it so fine that it takes that it just takes too long to fit its it's just too its to find here I'll show you what I mean *pumps diesel* see how slow it takes.. to fill this tank at 15 gallons and use this filter i would estimate would take probably about an hour... so problem with that you know nobody's no one's gonna use it just simply

not going to use it and you don't have any protection going in the tank so i'll show you what my solution is here this is my favorite funnel it can be used for everything and this my dad gave gave this to me and said you're really gonna like this it's made by mr. funnel i'm going to put these I think they're on amazon to put in my my store wranglermart.com this is a

great investment so this what's nice about this is you can use it with any liquid whether it's diesel or with gasoline and it's got a filter it I don't know if you can see it but it's you can clean it out i've had mine for years and I it's just going strong but it separates everything separate any contaminated it will not let water pass through it into your fuel so if you don't

have a big diesel tank with a dedicated type of pump like I do what you want to make sure that you have a clean gas in the water free because you even Your cans you don't they'll get condensation will get condensation in them and a lot of liquid in there so this is a this is really a great of insurance *Wranglerstar pumps diesel into the tractor* I got a new grease gun use

this to Grease our equipment very important my old ones were had two grease guns and I've fought with four years i think both of them were from harbor freight and they were just rubbish so this one here napa sells under their own brand that's that made by lincoln you know they make the not the name that they used to be but they're still pretty good base to make this their good Jacks but it's

pretty good heavy-duty got the bleeder that's what you want to look for its got the bleeder in the top right there so you can get the vapor lock out of it so that's a load a grease gun a lot of guys don't know how to do this it's not it's not exactly intuitive but before you unscrew it pull this plunger out the back right there and there's a little notch there now

you can unscrew it from the head *unscrews the tube from the head* like this *puts grease tube housing in the vise* and these just accept your regular grease tubes now I know this is pretty basic stuff for a lot of you guys have worked around equipment but it's not I mean it's not just automatic knowledge everybody knows that's why going to be talking a lot of young people have met that have never

done this before so your grease gun you have two ends on its going to have your cap your white cap there take that off the list be a slip cap right there and that's gonna have like a popcap here on the top and as a rule of thumb for equipment mean everybody has their own opinions on this but just your general purpose napa grease is usually is decent quality now it's gonna look download

it has to load this way it loads from the top this is the top this is the bottom we pull the plunger out make sure the pop camp part goes up because the plunger won't work if you don't do that and then once you have that then you just read this on just easier to do it in the vise you to thread this on like this *threads tube on the head* now we go ahead

and release the plunger push it in and that will engage a spring man it's snowing outside like crazy and you can press this right here maybe you heard a little bit of air come out there like that and then i'll have to prime it a little bit keep pressing that everything it's super cold right now so it might take a little bit but it'll come even if even if it give that thing

to push a couple times seems like it works pretty good *struggling to get the grease to come out of the gun* sometimes when you have a brand-new one of these you get air trapped in there no matter what you do you can't get grease to come out so if you run into that the new one so go ahead and loosen up the head about two or three or four turns or so

so it's just hanging on there pull your handle up out you can turn it a little bit till you feel like catch if you turn it enough it will go all the way in and turn it back until you come in contact and what you do is you're forcing that plunger you force that plunger up until you see a little bit of grease coming out the top like right here see

right here we got that air pushed out of there so now now we can go ahead and tighten it up *tightens it back up * put our plunger back in now we should be able to get a there we go just like that save you a lot of aggravation despite that little trick it's snowing so hard we have to have to switch over to the action camera here so so greasing your

equipment is so important if you want to last a long time so help how this stuff is designed is that they're there are bushings pins and bushings and every portion of this equipment that move and it's designed to be greased and how often you should grease it is about as a rule of thumb i would say about every time you fill up for fuel so this this particular machine here has got up

a 15 gallon tank its kind of designed most of them are designed to give you enough fuel plus for a good work day long workday without having to go ratio if it's well thought out so if you're running it you know two hours one day and a half hour for another day you don't have to get up and grease it every time but when you get the habit when you fuel up just

hit all your zerts a machine that's well taken care of you shouldn't need to do more than then two pumps to pump is enough something maybe say one I always do two and then that way you'll keep it you'll have a piece of equipment the last year for generations if you don't do this what you get is you get dry bushings when you start hearing a piece of equipment sweak that tells you

it's running dry it's metal-on-metal that's bad everywhere anything that moves a joint like these Tie rods here always important to keep those greased up now if you're running the piece of equipment in underwater let's say you're using a backhoe and you're digging in water stuff you might need to grease more often or in sand but for most everything else every time you gas up is good so thanks to wranglerstar subscribers i have learned how to

do these binders so that their it makes a big difference actually the first one that gave me this idea was my man Stu (sorry if it's spelled wrong ) inTokyo smart guys are smart so here's a trick so I was having so much trouble pulling these tight even with a little trampoline tool so what they what they do is they make a special chain binder that fits into the links i don't

have one of those i'm just using a regular one but the principles the same so what I do is I is use a chain but chain binder to bring up that tension and then I have counted all the links so i want these to be centered but so i'm using seven link seven links dense the spring and you can see that the Rings not centered is because the chain it is not

centered but i'm hoping as we as it travels that everything kind of works itself out and it should center itself and thinking so 1234567 so we're all the same on each one and even has still have to pull gonna have to get a little bit more a better fight on that it's not not be enough one more link up helpful if i can grab that's not very helpful... let me see

if i can grab it up here this is but not the right tool for the job but it is working somewhat ok to see if I can get that on the last one I say that the last one here is always the hardest one where the snow is coming down today 1234567 now if you can't get that many on this last one so what I'll do is all is i'll get it what

that's what I can let's see if i can get nine and then I'll reposition the binder that's not something I want to do very often but like once a year they are good binders your good intentions but man oh man now without us if i could get another bite just one more link up here get this i just i can't get that last link on there together i'm gonna have to share used two

binders I'm committed now I'm not gonna quit until I have that last link gotten personal now this is not the right tool for the job here getting personal here take you to purchase anything being pulled so tight ah not not work it out to be very good one.more 12345678 don't like this asymmetry think you can get that one let's try it one more time pull from a different area... ahh

grief alright I'm gonna run it does have to have to run with one longer *outro*

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf_0dFrqqrE

*intro music Wranglerstar plowing snow with his tractor * * more intro music Wranglerstar still plowing snow with his tractor * so welcome back everyone it is a Sunday morning january first the first day of 2017 first day of the new year we got about 30 degrees outside i got about eight inches six to eight inches of fresh snow l...