Off the Grid in a Tiny House with Rob Greenfield

Welcome to the Little Green house   I'm Rob Greenfield   and this is the life   self-sufficient in my city.   After years of trying,   I can live without   pay bills and debts.   I just moved here 4 months ago   with all the wealth   medium quality up bikes and trailers behind   I bought this for

$ 950 dollars.   And had one great life   Simple and healthy during the last 4 months.   Today I will teach you go 1 round   watch me live subsistence   in the little house in San Diego How this.   First, let's step into my house.   Into see.   I plan to buy a bigger   but I am on site Craigslist

  and see this base price of 950 dollars.   I intend to build their first house   but I did not resist.   Height is not enough to stand up   but also so that I   do not spend much time indoors.   Only 4.5m square area   Also very simple decoration.   Are made from wood furniture refurbished.   Me up onto the

shelves   This cushion I bought for 75 dollars   on Craigslist.   Furniture is simple.   Lights are connected to the plate   Solar.   This shadow power 3W   Clothing, books,   and essentials are here.   Hardwood floors from versatile materials   Inside can only   more important than the outside.   My life has always revolved around food   so I will

introduce the kitchen before.   It's very simple, this is the kitchen picnic   Used that I bought online.   Sink here, water will   19l bucket escaping down below.   This is the cupboard / fridge.   Foods are entered glass jar.   I usually buy them by weight in the supermarket   People do not have the packaging formed.   I also brewed kombucha

(fermented tea natural sugar)   grow beans,   then it will store them as such.   This is the fresh vegetables.   The beauty of this is kept slightly cooler cabinets   Even coconut oil does not flow   in the hot sun.   This is a natural refrigerator   air is kept inside the door.   Kitchen indispensable kitchen   This is not a typical

American-style kitchen   this is my kitchen homemade rocket   to several tens of bricks   I found in the alley   And I only use firewood   fall from the trees in the area.   I can use the pan and pot   to cook the dish.   The majority of every day I eat   oats and variety   vegetable, fruit and grain.  

Subsistence living like this,   like most is drinking rainwater.   Most things fresh water falling from the sky   No chemicals such as chlorine-rua or flor   Berkey filter machine use   natural water filtration system.   Just fill the water tank 19 liters, but this   and you do not have to worry about chemicals   bacteria, primitive, viruses, ...   But make you

wonder   how can I catch rainwater   Berkey filters to pour in? Thanks to   rainwater harvesting system of mine.   This system is also very simple.   Some 200 liter container that   each for containing apple juice.   Above I made one gutter system   Is simply to guide rainwater from the roof   Follow the gutter   flow into the container.  

2 weeks ago 1 typhoon   I tried to catch about 750 liters of water.   if I use about 7L   every day, I can   Using it in 100 days.   This is my only source of water.   1 ordinary Americans use   300-400 liters of water for 1 day.   I can use it in about 1-2 months   for all its

activities.   May I have about 750 liters   so I'll live okay   until the next rain   in late summer.   1 water use smart way is very important.   750 liters of water a valuable use   more so than actual volume   because I take advantage of every bit of 2 to 3 times   I will wash your hands, then use

that water   dishwasher, then drip dirty   in 19 liter barrel this   so that I can use to   Watering in the garden or on the compost heap.   Behind me is the restroom me up   with prices ranging from 50 to 60 dollars.   Is very simple.   This is the compost toilet.   When necessary, you will sit down and go

as usual.   Waste will fall to 19 liter containers   and after completion,   you just covered it with dry leaves.   Leaves will deodorize 1 wonderfully.   When compost is full   you pour it into the compost dump.   In restrooms also sink   mere a water bottle   you can use to wash your hands, wash your face.   And here is

the bathroom furniture   not much.   1 mirror, toilet paper trash from CVS   because supermarkets throw away a lot of things.   It's done restroom,   Next will be the compost heap.   Compost is a factor   basic lifestyle   Environmental friendliness.   Instead of throwing everything into landfill   or the treatment plant   I decomposing them at home   and bring

them back to mother earth.   Silver plate is to keep humidity   because the air here is very dry.   This compost heap   is from the waste from food,   people and from the garden.   The great thing is it does not stink   and if you do it right,   even human feces will not stink.   This is something new, but

I   Amazed with this good result.   Land familiar smell!   4 months, I buy food   from the farmers market, supermarket private   and "diving" trash   especially fruits and vegetables   but I will plant them in the garden.   This garden system operating under the wick form   very suitable for the arid climate.   I live in San Diego   Water

resources are limited.   It operates based on the amount of water   you irrigate on small tube above   it will fill the reservoir below   containing rocks like this   and 1 government announced upper class couple.   Countries will be announced absorbent cloth over   into the soil and water supply to the plant.   I planted some basil plants   and will

begin to grow on the weekend.   In a short time it will be filled   organic green vegetables high quality.   You'll notice that I do not use   electrical equipment used here.   I have a computer, on a bicycle lights, headlights,   and 1 bulb inside,   may need to supplement some things but   I do not need much power.   I

just want to optimize manpower and   natural strength.   I use the solar panel   to recharge the devices are used.   I have 2 solar panel   and it will fully charge the battery   I connect with other devices.   Computer, bicycle lights, headlights and the lights in the house.   Favorite moments in my day   is sitting on this chair.  

Sitting on this reading, eating oats,   write something and sightseeing   very beautiful sea outside.   Life simple and nice to know how.   I do not have a phone.   I had to stop taking between 4 and 5 months ago   and I am deliberately not connected here.   The reason for being here, I want to completely   connect with the world

around them.   do not use a computer, phone   and the stress of life.   When you need to use network   or want to meet people   I'll jump in the car, opened the door   and ran a cafe or library   Connected or not   is my choice.   To be more motivated to live   happy, healthy and free   Please

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Welcome to the Little Green house   I'm Rob Greenfield   and this is the life   self-sufficient in my city.   After years of trying,   I can live without   pay bills and debts.   I just moved here 4 months ago   with all the wealth   medium quality up bikes and trailers behind   I...