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Welcome to the Little Green Homes   My self-sufficiency.   My name is Rob Greenfield   who lives in San Diego, California   without having to pay the debt or bill at all.   My life before another day away now   I had a credit card account 5-6,   some bank debt significantly,   and dreamed of making millionaires.   Now

I just focus on the joy of living,   health and benefits for   Earth, the community and themselves.   I live so thanks to lifestyle   casual and today I will   guide you to visit the place in my simplicity.   Did I not pay bills   while living in a beautiful location like this?   To obtain the right to use the home's

backyard   I helped him build the fence,   rainwater harvesting system, a garden,   garden care and improved living space.   He also loves my projects   and to contribute one small part.   Invite you in to see!   The house is only about 4.5m square only.   It's very simple but very useful.   I'm not in it much   but I will

sleep, reading,   cuddled in this. I spend a lot of time   outside, communicate with people   around or extensive nature.   Small room is enough.   All my belongings were minimized   This step down as you see.   Follow me out yet!   Subsistence lifestyle,   what does it mean?   As you are no longer dependent on public utilities   Here I

am independent and power and water   The solar panel is to   battery chargers for electric appliances.   I rainwater.   This is the gutter that I have built   to the neighbor's house.   It will water down   under the pipe,   then divided   into the blue bins.   Since my home land higher   the neighbors   so I had to

turn the water   from storage tanks into   the small barrel with hand pumps   then pour this water   the barrel here   can accommodate more than 600 liters of rainwater.   I just screwed this cock   to use water needed daily.   This is my outdoor kitchen.   Some said that I only permanent   picnic   so do not even matter.

  I used rainwater collected in the   container and poured into the filter Berkey   and the water will be filtered   all impurities and chemical   such as chloride, fluoride, arsenic, lead.   It also filters always   bacteria, protozoa   and viruses. I just take the cup   clean drinking water and from here,   at least in this area clean.   Water

was tasty.   Here is the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.   I really do not need a refrigerator   because I go to buy fresh food   quite often   Other things I buy by weight   dry food, then put them in glass jars.   The types of food dropped in the jar   located at the top is I buy   from private supermarkets.

  Dah is kombucha tea (tea with sugar fermented mushroom seed)   Other necessities such as honey,   olive oil and spices.   I only buy enough to eat and will go   regular market,   only 2 bowl, 2 forks,   2 forks and 2 spoons.   This is the sink and stove.   They are extremely simple.   Not a drop of water  

being profligate in my house at all.   When I wash the dishes   or handwashing   or do anything   follow the dirty water pipe   This 18-liter container down   and I use it to water the plants.   My kitchen here.   This stove uses propane   and is connected to the   18 liter gas cylinders below.   Days ago I used

the rocket stove   more environmentally friendly   but the good side of   This kitchen is overcome   the use of fuel   lack of control, because I have   limit is 18 liters   So I know I need to   pay attention to the amount of gas   their use, such as   save more.   This is my bathroom   Please come

in. It's very simple.   Coolest part is   toilet.   A normal American   will cost 6 liters of water per flush.   Since I only 7.5 liters used   for all activities every day   I will not flush.   This type of prescription-let composting.   You just sit and use   it as usual   but upon completion, instead of flushing   you

shall gather a pile is   and sprinkled on   their fractions   and it becomes compost.   1 sink right here.   It is also very simple   used for washing hands   and of course the water used   will be used to water the plants.   Extremely basic bathroom.   It only took me 60 dollars account for up everything.   We go

through the compost heap nhé!   At home always has food scraps   and yard waste used for composting   but again I use human excrement   including urine and faeces of humans.   If you want to try to practice,   I recommend you read through the book   The Humanure Handbook (Handbook composting person)   it will give you   full information needed.  

Making the right way is very important   but the most amazing thing is   it did not smell anything.   It is true that we have to keep them   at temperatures up to   over 50 degrees Celsius   as you can see here   with smoke coming out   You can feel   heat emitted.   Everything will be destroyed   For human

feces   then we must annealing   within 1 year.   This tarp covered   is to keep moisture inside   because I live in dry climates.   This is a great way to minimize the impact   surroundings because you do not need   one company handle their feces and urine.   I turn it into nutrients   use in your garden.   This is

my favorite place.   Pretty small garden.   This type of garden is irrigated   automatically by the system wick (wicking beds)   very useful for farming   in arid areas   and water can help disperse farther.   Below is preventing water retention   filled with pebbles   and has an additional fabric layer above.   Another is planted on soils   and you'll fill

the water tank   through the PVC pipe.   I just planted these vegetables   2 weeks before severance   and looks very lush.   I look forward to the harvest   organic vegetables delicious and nutritious   This is also the reason I   does not need a refrigerator   because I will be self-sufficient   their food from here   and will harvest what

I need   at the right time.   Until now I   not do anything   unlawful at all.   This lifestyle look crazy   but I am very happy living   I do not unlawful state   I believe in the law of the Earth.   I want to act properly because Earth.   for the community and for myself   and to me, that's

the most important thing.   Maybe you also noticed   I do not have a bathroom here   Sure you will be surprised to know that   I had to stop showering   during the past 2 years.   If it was me two years ago, I would   unexpected   because I used to shower each day   but I've realized   I do not

need to shower every day.   Instead I will go swimming   in natural water sources   and I realized I do not need   soap, shampoo, water discharge,   shower gel, perfume anything.   My body is still operating normally   should I just take a bath in the Pacific Ocean   Ago 5 full house.   I move in any way?   I pedal

car is made of bamboo.   I was biking across America   in two consecutive summers   on bamboo bike   should move around the city   not a problem for me   but if I feel tired   or to carry something   oversized compared to bikes then I will   called car2go vehicles powered by electricity from   1 program to share electric cars

  because I sold cars   3 years ago to live   more environmentally friendly   and not have to pay more costs.   Talking about the Internet or telephone,   I do not have both.   When I need to use the bus, I will bike   a coffee shop   and shared online with others.   Life here is simple and very nice.  

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Welcome to the Little Green Homes   My self-sufficiency.   My name is Rob Greenfield   who lives in San Diego, California   without having to pay the debt or bill at all.   My life before another day away now   I had a credit card account 5-6,   some bank debt significantly,   and dreamed of ...