Solar Led Lighting

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Solar Lights Outdoor, Benature 2 Pack Motion Sensor Light, Super Bright White for Illumination, Dual Motion Sensor with Wide Angle, Wireless, Waterproof

Product details:
1. Solar Panel: 4.5V/130mA, monocrystalline silicon
2. Battery: 3.7V/2000mAH, Li(NiCoMn)O2, 18650
3. LED: 12 pcs high-efficiency 2835 LED
4. Materials: ABS shell, PC lampshade
2 sets/box
1. Take off the film on the solar pad, turn on the switch at the back, and install the lamp where it can receive enough sunlight. 6-8 hours direct sunlight and the battery will be fully charged.
2. To set the modes in daytime, please cover up the solar pad while you choose the modes.
3. AUTO-low bright-high bright mode: low bright (no people near), and high bright (people near); AUTO-no bright-high bright mode: no bright (no people near), and high bright (people near); ON-high bright mode: high bright all night; ON-low bright mode: low bright all night.
4. A full charge makes sure the lamp working for continuously 5-6 hours.
5. Motion sensor detection range is impacted by environment. Usually within 16 feet and 180°, suggested installation height under 6.5 feet.

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