Wood Stove Fans

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Wood Stove Fans

Wood Stove FansVonHaus Double Stove Fan

Increase the efficiency of your stove oven or wood/ log burner with the VonHaus Double Stove Fan.

Economical, heat powered manual stove fan with twin blades – increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove oven or wood/ log burner to generate warmth.

Eco-friendly and self-powered – a thermoelectric module acts as a small generator to power the fans’ motor.

No batteries or electricity required

Twin Motor 6 blades for higher air circulation – operates automatically between 140 – 662°F with fan speed automatically adjusting according to the temperature of the stove.

Circulates 250 – 300 CFM

Extremely quiet operation, compact size, no installation required.

Black aluminium construction with six large blades and carry handle

Overall Size: 12.5 X 3.9 X 7 Inches (Length X Depth X Height).

Blade Size: 3.1 X 2.9 inches

Wood Stove FansSelf-powered and cost-effective, this manual fan creates its own energy and is powered entirely by the heat of your stove fan.

With no batteries or electricity required, the fan galvanises the heat generated by your stove oven through effective circulation – distributing the heat horizontally and reducing hot and cold spots throughout your home.

The twin motor fans offer double the circulation power – enhancing the efficiency of your stove oven twofold. Ideal for larger spaces or if you want a quicker room heat up.Wood Stove Fan

Automatic Heat Up
The fan comes fitted with a thermoelectric module which acts as generator to power the fans’ motor – this starts up once the module detects a minimum temperature of 60°C, at which point it begins circulating warm air around the room.

Thanks to a rapid fan speed of 1600rpm max., which circulates between 250 – 300 CFM (cubic feet air/ minute) you’ll feel the benefits in no time at all.

The fan automatically adjusts depending on the temperature of the stove – speeding up as the temperature rises and slowing down as it begins to drop.



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